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Empowering Potential

Become a Successful Coach

Do you want to employ your passion for making a difference to build a new career for yourself?  Professional Coaching is a fulfilling profession and ther there are many training options available.  Radiance Partners LLC Coach Education is dedicated to developing high quality, confident coaches.  We can also help you to find the coach training that meets your needs. 

Individual Coaching

Many successful people attribute part of their success to working with a professional coach.  Coaches partner with their clients to find their own unique path to their best life, empowering the client to live a life of meaning and joy.  If you feel stuck, dissatisfied or just want to get to the next level, a coach might be your easiest option to open your life to incredible possibilities.

Organizational Services

Are you ready to get your organization to the next level?  Our coaches work with you and your managers to develop success programs for executives, managers and individuals.  The idea is help our clients to align their personal purpose and values to the company's mission and values, which leads to higher motivation and productivity.

We work with you to design the coaching solution your company needs to thrive in this increasingly challenging world.


"This outstanding coach training provided much more than preparation for becoming a Success Coach. As a Master Hypnotherapist, I realized how the powerful coaching strategies enhanced my interviews with clients and helped them prioritize their concerns. It definitely fine-tuned my active listening skills and ability to approach each unique individual with curiosity and compassion at all times. I believe this training is not only an asset to any professional role or relationship; it also improves the dynamics within personal relationships."

Radiance Coach

Cecilia Thomas, M.Ed, MHt, CSC

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