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Coaching Services

Radiance Coaches have many tools in their toolbox to serve your needs

In each meeting your coach works with you towards the goals you have agreed upon for the entire coaching program, exploring to find your unique way of overcoming what’s blocking you to reach those goals.  Along the way, we discover what makes life meaningful to you so that you can make the decisions that will keep you living on purpose.  We help you to develop new habits of success to replace those old thought-habits that keep you stuck. 

What you learn about yourself in your coaching program will impact how you see the world and bring you more successful ways to deal with change.  You might learn new ways to interact with those around you, and will certainly learn what it takes for you to live a life of meaning and well-being.

Coaching is all about sustainability.  In your coaching program we support you so that what you are learning brings sustainable change to your life, and sets the foundation for greater heights.

Life Purpose

When you understand why you are here on this earth, and what matters to you, it gives you direction in your life.  It also helps you to make life-altering decisions:  Will this option keep me on purpose, or not?  Knowing your Life Purpose brings meaning to your work and play and helps you to better understand yourself and what happens to you.

We also help you hone in on your values, strengths and what motivates you to gain a good idea of your foundation for living.  This becomes a basis for the rest of your coach program 

Living on Purpose

Using the way the brain works, we help you to create new habits of successfully setting and achieving goals that keep you on purpose.  Each meeting you put what you've learned into practice by identifying steps to do so by the next time we meet.  In the next meeting we analyze your progress to discover your unique recipe for success.  Also we identify elements of your purpose and values, and track how these elements manifest in your life throughout the program to learn what you need in body, mind and spirit to sustain your purposeful way of being 

Create your best Future

In order for you to determine your direction of your life, we work with you to identify your north star, developing a vision of how your life can be when you clearly envision the ideal in all areas of your life.  We then partner to identify the steps you will take to reach that vision.

To support that vision, in your coaching program you will gain many insights and learning about what makes you successful.  We have you capture those learnings, so you will have a lifelong tool to remind you of what makes you successful. This becomes your Path to Success and Well-Being.


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