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Leadership Training

In both the public and private sectors, while there are many important leadership skills and competencies required for business success, a coaching leadership style is proving to be much more effective with today’s employees than the more authoritarian styles that many business leaders operate under. Leaders who coach employees instead of commanding them are able to build a much more talented and agile workforce, which leads to a healthy and growing business or organization.

Radiance utilizes our skill in coaching to develop courses for Leaders to gain a new perspective on communications, authenticity and managing others.  Most organizations have very unique needs, so we work with you to customize a leadership training program that will have the greatest  positive impact on your leaders and staff.

Some of our more popular Leadership courses are:

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Our flagship course, Coaching Skills for Leaders, is a three-day course that is designed for leaders who are interested in learning some coaching skills, but who are not interested in becoming Certified Coaches.


Participants learn and practice a basic coach-like approach to conversations with a heavy focus on active listening and asking powerful questions.  Participants examine and experience how a coach-like approach to key conversations can lead to better results as compared to using a directive approach or avoiding the conversation altogether.   And given the challenges of communication during COVID-19, participants will learn how coach-like conversations increase morale and motivation.

Interpersonal Communications Skills

Interpersonal communications skills are key to successful negotiations, effective leadership and organizational efficiency.  Yet many leaders have never had training.  Why assume your leaders know the best way to communicate?  This one-day class will teach the most effective skills necessary for leaders to succeed.

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Leading with Credibility

Does there seem to be a gap between your leaders and their staff?  Often this can be from a lack of trust in the leader, and the leader is unaware of this.  In this one-day class, we present an eye-opening perspective on increasing trust and gaining credibility, and practice new ways of being to enable your leaders to make positive changes in their interactions with their staff.

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