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Organizational Coaching

We bring out the best from your very best with Performance Coaching that both enhances strengths and empowers more successful behaviors.


Increased self-awareness and a shift in mindset trigger new opportunities and foster new levels of performance.

Organizational Coaching for Peak Productivity

Executive Coaching

Ensure your top leaders are well aligned with the organization's mission, vision and values. Empower them to be extraordinary and motivating leaders ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly chaotic world.

We typically focus on 2-4 breakthrough goals, for 3, 6, or 9 months engagements, including:

  • ​4 hours of dedicated coaching per month

  • Pre and Post-Assessments

  • Key stakeholder interviews for 360 context

  • Books, articles, web content, and other resources

  • Online, Email, and/or phone support for emerging issues.

Among the benefits of executive coaching for the executives:

  • Improved working relationships with direct reports

  • Better working relationships with immediate supervisors

  • Teamwork performance improvement 

  • Better working relationships with peers

  • Job satisfaction

  • Conflict reduction 

  • Organizational commitment

  • Improved working relationships with clients 


Leadership Coaching

Leaders whose personal mission aligns with that of the organization are the most motivated and motivational.  Radiance Coaches work with your leaders at all levels of the organization to:

  • Articulate their own Life Purpose, values and motivators

  • Increase their facility with setting and achieving goals

  • Improve their interactions with peers, staff and managers

  • Understand and supercharge their leadership style

As with Executive coaching, we typically focus on 4-6 goals for 4-6 month engagements to ensure the leaders create new habits of success to motivate and empower their staff, improve interactions and increase their job satisfaction

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is essential to healthy work culture and improves a variety of important organizational metrics. These metrics include job satisfaction, employee retention, productivity, and profitability.  Groups that do team building with a coach tend to have better communication, show more trust, and work together more effectively to overcome challenges.

Radiance Team Coaches use the PRISM Teams method to move teams from dysfunctional to Prolific, Radically-Innovative and Self-Managed.  This methods empowers:

  • Executive teams

  • Leadership teams

  • Management teams

  • Technical teams

  • Project teams

Some of the benefits of PRISM Team Coaching:

  • Drives team cooperation and collaboration

  • Aligns the team's mission to the organization's mission

  • Helps the team creaet a clear, motivating mission

  • Inspires productivity and motivation

  • Strengthens communication among team members

  • Hones conflict resolution and problem-solving skills

  • Builds trust for teamwork and collaboration

  • Brings out hidden talents or strengths

  • Boosts team spirit and morale

  • Fosters friendships among team members

  • Boosts company culture

  • Creates shared memories and talking points

  • Breaks up the monotony of the workweek

  • Encourages new skill formation

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