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The Radiant Path

Designed for coaches who already have coach training and want to get to the next higher level.  There are two paths:

  1. ACCs who want a  high-quality path to PCC Certification.
  2. Coaches who are already certified and/or have a PCC or MCC Credential and are intrigued by the unique Radiant Coaching process and high-quality training.

All graduates of this program qualify to join the Radiance Community as full Radiance Coaches, for continual learning, networking, support and connection.

Requirements to Take the Radiant Path:

  • Certification from an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) OR
  • ACC Credential OR
  • PCC Credential OR
  • MCC Credential
  • PCC and MCCs must have 1 recording assessed by a Radiance Coach Instructor

Radiant Path Education Program Structure


  1. For the PCC Certification path, 60 hours
  2. For PCCs and MCCs who wish to join the Radiance Community, 20 - 60 hours, depending on the student's needs. The Coach Instructor and student co-design the program to meet the needs of the student. Average length of time is 3-6 months.

ScheduleDepends on the instructor and group or individual training:

  • Individual:  At your convenience and you set the pace.
  • Group:  The cohort determines the days and times of classes. 


  • Conducted 1:1 or in small groups
  • In person and/or distance learning
  • 20-50 hours direct interaction with the Coach Instructor
  • 6-10 hours of Mentoring
  • Language depends on the Coach Instructor.  Currently we have classes in English, Spanish and Greek.
  • Cost:  Depends on the length of the program.  Cost is worked out between student & instructor. 

Graduation Requirements:

    • Demonstrate Coaching the Radiance Coaching Program
    • Pass the final assessment using ICF markers at least at the PCC level
    • Experience Radiance Coaching Program
    • Coach 3 clients through the Radiance Program with mentoring from a Radiance Mentor Coach
    • Complete a Life Thesis

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    Radiant Path Modules for Path 1

    (Path 2 students will work with the instructor to determine which modules they need)

    MODULE 1  - Experience and Learn the Unique Radiant Coaching Program

    • Learn your Radiant Purpose and how to use it to achieve desired results
    • How to coach from a spiritual foundation
    • Learn the Radiance Tools for Transformation

    MODULE 2  - Tools for Transformation

    • Introduction to the Radiance Framework, including Life Purpose, Discovery process, Purposeful Steps, Purposeful Check-in and Radiant Vision.
    • Practice!

    MODULE 3 - The Spiritual Dimensions of Coaching

    • Introduction to the 13 Spiritual Dimensions to deepen your understanding of coaching, and broaden your scope 

    MODULE 4  - Applying advanced core competencies

    • Deep dive into the Competencies – an advanced look
    • Practice!

    MODULE 5 - Coach Specific Courses

    • Select from among the Radiance Coach-Specific courses 
    • Mentoring as the student coaches 3+ clients under close supervision 
    • Complete the Life Thesis

    Note:  Your trainer serves as your Mentor Coach providing feedback on your coaching competency and mastery. You do not need to pay extra to hire a Mentor Coach.


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