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We believe in Training Excellence

Our Coaches have a strong spiritual base that impels them to make a positive impact in the world.  They are well on their way in their own spiritual journey, which enables them to deeply connect with their clients, partnering with them to live fully in their potential.

Do you have what it takes to be a Radiance Coach?  Read on...

Meet Our Trainers

Radiance Coach Training attracts some of the best Coach Trainers in the business.  All trainers hold either a PCC or MCC Credential.  They are located in the U.S. and Spain.

Check out our Trainer's Directory to find the Trainer that can best fit your training needs:

Trainer Directory

Entrance Requirements

Radiance Coach Training trains the highest-quality coaches globally.  We look for people who have:

    • A deep caring for people
    • Awareness of being on a spiritual journey
    • Commitment to personal growth and discovery
    • The ability to be present
    • The ability to understand the autonomy of both coach and client
    • Work experience for a minimum of three years
    • Agreement to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to fully participate in the program
    • Agreement to be responsible for finding their own clients

      Whom We Train

      • Executives, managers and supervisors
      • External and internal personnel
      • Mental Health Practitioners
      • Spiritual counselors
      • HR personnel
      • Religious leaders
      • Trainers
      • Professional people interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a coach
      • Coaches who want additional coach training for continuing education or a credential
      • Others interested in becoming a life or business or executive coach.

        We may give credit for training done through other accredited programs.

        We offer an Advanced Coach Training program for those who already have a credential from an ICF-accredited coach-training program.

        Training Objectives

        Radiance Coach Training is dedicated to developing excellent coaches by ensuring they understand and apply:

        1. The ICF coaching competencies.
        2. The Radiance Spiritual Facets of Coaching
        3. The Radiance Tools for Transformation
        4. How to facilitate conversations for change, vision, awareness, context and responsibility.
        5. How to successfully set themselves up as a Radiance coach.
        6. Confidence to enable clients to learn how to produce the results they want.

        Radiance Coaching Philosophy

        1. Coaches and clients are partners in the process of transformation.
        2. Coaches help clients tap into their own answers and build upon their natural strengths and abilities.
        3. When clients build awareness of their state of being, the doing naturally follows.
        4. The power of coaching comes from the strength of the caring bond between the coach and client.
        5. Coaching is tailored to the individual needs of the client.
        6. Coaches come from the perspective that every interaction is an opportunity to be of service.
        7. Coaches proactively continue their own personal growth and discovery as well as professional enhancement.

        Do you want to be a part of supporting Human Evolution in a Purposeful way?

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        Graduation Requirements

        In order to receive the Certified Radiance Coach (CRC) Certificate, Students are required to:

          • Participate in all training modules
          • Coach 3 clients through the Coaching Program while being mentored for 10 hours
          • Engage in 6 demonstrations of coaching, 2 with oral assessments, 4 with written assessments
          • Demonstrate understanding of the Tools for Transformation
          • Pass the Ethics Exam
          • Complete the Life Thesis
          • Pass the Mid-term and Final Exams, each a coaching demonstration assessed at the PCC level
          • Develop a growth analysis of how the student plans to continue their coach learning journey after graduation

          Graduation from our program meets the ICF training requirements for coach certification for student learning hours (training), mentor coaching and passing program exams.  

          Successful completion of the Radiance ACTP Coach Training Program enables you to be a Certified Radiance Coach (CRC) and part of the network of people serving the evolution of humanity. Radiance Coach Training is an ICF ACTP, which means our graduate's Certificate will be accepted for the ACTP Credentialing path.  The additional requirements for credential application is the Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam administered by ICF, and a validation of the required number of coaching hours for the level of credential applied for.  

          If you wish to apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential after you complete 760 hours of Radiance ACSTH Coach Training  AND have 100 hours coaching experience (25 hours may be pro bono), you may apply to ICF for your ACC. You will need to supply a coaching recording to be assessed.  ICF will administer the Coach Knowledge Assessment exam.

          Tuition and Financing


          Radiance Coach Training tuition includes mentoring, business development, exams and certification fees.

          Cost may vary depending upon method of training, group size or 1:1 and economy of the country in which the training is done. You can expect a range of $12,000-$18,000 in the U.S. for the 125 hours ICF-accredited Coach Training and Certification program, and $7,000 - $8,000 USD for the 70 hour ACSTH program. For individual training, some trainers offer discounts for advance payment and some offer installment plans. Radiance Partners offers installment plans for all group training.  After you have selected a Trainer and language, please contact them directly for fees.


          Radiance Coach Training Program Coaches in training are required to review, Comprehend and Apply Radiance Path resources:

          • Certification Manuals
          • Tutorial videos of coaching demonstrations
          • One or more books from the Radiance bibliography


          In the event of early withdrawal or inability of any student to complete a training, the student is liable for payment for the services rendered as of the date of withdrawal on a daily pro-rated percentage. For example, if a student completes one day of a two-day training, payment for 50% of the training would be due in addition to a $200 USD administrative fee. If prepayment had occurred, the Trainer provides refunds pro-rated to services already rendered minus the administrative fee.

          If a student wishes to continue the training and the Radiance Coach Trainer cannot for any reason, the student can contact another Radiance Coach Trainer at the same level or higher to provide assistance. The Radiance Director of Training maintains the attendance records provided by Radiance Coach Trainers.


          Radiance Coach Trainers have a strong commitment to continual improvement and development, both as coaches and as coach trainers. To this end, we sometimes discuss strategies and approaches for training in order to continually upgrade our Radiance Coach Training program. This may include the training process and progress involving how students are coaching, communicating with, and marketing to their clients. This may also involve how they are being trained and receive instruction. Additionally, although not limited to this, discussions may include creating materials, cases and role-plays for instructional purposes.

          In order to preserve the privacy of all involved, Trainers will only share information with each other that is needed to upgrade skill and enhance the program. Trainers will take the utmost care to maintain anonymity of the people involved, unless permission is received. This principle of anonymity pertains to group work, retreats, tele-classes, skills practices and other methods of training.

          Permission to share recordings of classes is requested whenever a class is recorded.


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