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Radiance Coach Training pROGRAM

Our goal is to develop high-quality, spiritually-aware coaches who are confident in their ability to make a positive impact on the world.  We Value Trust, Commitment, Clarity, Kindness and Joyful Excellence and are dedicated to the good of the whole.

We are committed to continually improving our training, adapting to the changing needs of our clients and world.

Meet our Trainers:

Radiance Coach Training leads to quality coaching

Radiance Coach Training is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).  This means we have to pass a rigorous oversight process by ICF every 6 months in order to offer our program.  All our training uses the ICF Core Competencies as a base, ensuring our students have a firm understanding of the Competencies when they graduate.  

The ICF Core Competencies are one pillar of our foundation.  Anther pillar is our spiritual approach, working with our clients to uncover their life purpose, identify their top values and strengths, and create new habits of success that get them to the next level in their lives.  The third pillar of our foundation is Neuroscience, deepening our understanding of why coaching works.

Here are details on the structure of the different training programs offered by Radiant Coach Trainers.  For more details on Pricing, requirements and policies, go to Radiance Training Policies.

130+ Hour ACTP Coach Certification

Full Certification for Coaches who want ICF PCC-level skills

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60-Hour ACSTH Coach Training

Training to qualify for the ICF ACC Credential

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Radiance Path Training

Training for PCCs and MCCs who want to join the Radiance Community

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Radiance Coach Training Program

Radiance Coach Training blends the ICF Core Competencies with Neuroscience and a spiritual base, ensuring our students have both a  firm understanding of the Competencies and the ability to coach at a high level when they graduate.

What makes Radiance Coach Training unique:

    1. Joyful excellence is one of our values, and our training program inspires confidence, proficiency and excellence in our students, as they are trained at a high-PCC level of coaching.
    2. The training supports the student in becoming a professional coach with 10+ hours of mentoring for the student’s first 3 clients as part of their certification.  These coaching hours can be applied towards their ICF Credential application.
    3. A part of the training is for the student to experience the Coaching Program as a client, with the trainer acting as both coach and teacher to help the student relate to what their future clients will be experiencing.
    4. Students receive strong support in setting up their business, including developing their business mission and vision, target market and business and marketing plans.
    5. Our students start their coaching business while in training, with the support and mentoring of their trainer.  This empowers them to confidently continue their coaching practice after graduation.
    6. Our small-group format works for students who have a need for flexibility as they go through the program, therefore meetings are scheduled to meet their time demands, life style and life balance.
    7. A Life Thesis offers students the space and learning to work through obstacles to their own well-being. 
    8. Graduates have the option to continue their growth as a coach through joining the monthly webinars, skills practices and Radiance Community events.


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