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Our goal is to develop high-quality, spiritually-aware coaches who are confident in their ability to make a positive impact on the world.  We Value Trust, Commitment, Clarity, Kindness and Joyful Excellence and are dedicated to the good of the whole.

We are committed to continually improving our training, adapting to the changing needs of our clients and world.

Meet our Coach Educators:

Radiance Coach EDUCATION leads to quality coaching

Radiance Coach Education is an ICF Accredited Education Program, offering a Level 2 Coach Education Program.  This means we have to pass a rigorous oversight process by ICF every 6 months in order to offer our program.  All our education uses the ICF Core Competencies as a base, ensuring our students have a firm understanding of the Competencies when they graduate.  

The ICF Core Competencies best practices are one pillar of our foundation.  Another pillar is our spiritual approach, working with our clients to uncover their life purpose, identify their top values and strengths, and create new habits of success that get them to the next level in their lives.  The third pillar of our foundation is Neuroscience, deepening our understanding of why coaching works.

We also feel strongly that Coach Education should include a strong business component, so that those students who wish to be an external coach will know how to define their niche, create their marketing and develop a brand.  Our Coach as Entrepreneur class does just that.

Here are details on the structure of the different education programs offered by Radiant Coach Educators.  For more details on Pricing, requirements and policies, go to Radiance Education Policies.

130+ Hour Pathway to Coach Certification

Accredited Level 2 Certification program to qualify for the ICF PCC Credential.

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70-Hour Pathway to Coaching Education

ACSTH Accredited Education to qualify for the ICF ACC Credential.

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The Radiant Path
Coach Education

Education for ACCs, PCCs and MCCs who want to join the Radiance Community.

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Individual Courses that award CCEs

Individual asynchronous  courses and webinars from 2 to 14 CCEs.

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Radiance Coach Education Program

Radiance Coach Education blends the ICF Core Competencies with Neuroscience and a spiritual base, ensuring our students have both a  firm understanding of the Competencies and the ability to coach at a high level when they graduate.

What makes the Radiance Level 2 Coach Education Program unique:

    1. Joyful excellence is one of our values, and our program inspires confidence, proficiency and excellence in our students, as they are educated at a high-PCC level of coaching.
    2. The program supports the student in becoming a professional coach with 10+ hours of mentoring for the student’s first 3 clients as part of their certification.  These coaching hours can be applied towards their ICF Credential application.
    3. A part of the program is for the student to experience the Radiance Coaching Program as a client, with the coach educator acting as both coach and teacher to help the student relate to what their future clients will be experiencing.
    4. Students receive strong support in setting up their business, including developing their business mission and vision, target market and business and marketing plans.
    5. Our students start their coaching business while in the program, with the support and mentoring of their coach-educator.  This empowers them to confidently continue their coaching practice after graduation.
    6. Our small-group format works for students who have a need for flexibility as they go through the program, therefore meetings are scheduled to meet their time demands, life style and life balance.
    7. A Life Thesis offers students the space and learning to work through obstacles to their well-being. 
    8. Graduates have the option to continue their growth as a coach through joining the monthly Illuminations webinars, annual Radiance Retreats and Radiance Community events.

      The Radiance Coaching Framework

      The Radiance Coaching Framework is based on the ICF Core Competencies, and is an optional tool for Radiance Coaches to use with their clients.  Advantages of this framework include:

      • Structure and process; the coach provides the structure using transformational tools all linked with the client’s life purpose. Our coaching can be applied to life coaching, business and executive coaching, team coaching and other coaching disciplines.
      • Defined number of meetings that can be flexed to meet the client’s needs.  The clients learn new habits of success:  how to resolve their issues, create their best life and support their well-being.
      • Based on sound principles from neuroscience that explain how people build their worldview.  We employ transformational tools that enable new thought patterns, leading to the client’s sustainable success.
      • Blends the scientific principles with a spiritual foundation to increase client self-awareness and well-being.  In our program, we begin by articulating the client’s Life Purpose, top values, motivators and strengths.  This becomes the foundation that supports client growth. 

      The Radiance Community

      A huge benefit of the Radiance Coach Education Program is that students and graduates are part of the vibrant and active Radiance Community of like-minded people who are passionate about coaching and making a positive impact on the world.

      Radiance Partners has committed to:

      • Build a community of people working towards the transformation of humanity towards a higher connection and well-being.
      • Create a network of supportive coaches who build each other up as they build their coaching businesses.
      • Align with ICF ethics and competencies for coaches to continue their reflective practice by offering continuing education (see below), providing enough opportunities for CCEUs for ICF credential renewals.
      • Continually learn new processes and techniques from experts in the field.
      • Enhance the ongoing development of coaches by providing opportunities for them to share their expertise with others.

      We support our graduate’s continuing education and growth as a coach in several ways:

      • Annual learning retreats, typically 5 days long and that provides 18-24 CEU credit hours.
      • Free monthly 90-minute webinars to learn, share and practice new techniques, facilitated by educators and credentialed coaches resulting in CEU credit hours.
      • Coach Specific Courses offered by individual Radiance educators and graduates.
      • Free monthly Peer Coaching Practices
      • Free monthly Mastermind Meetings
      • Monthly Coach Group Supervision

      Are you interested in learning more about Radiance Coach Education?  Contact us!


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