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RADIANCE ICF accredited LEVEL TWO coach certification program For Organizations 

The ICF's Level 2 (formerly ACTP) programs are considered “all inclusive”, as they offer start-to-finish coach training: a minimum of 125 student contact hours, Mentor Coaching and a performance evaluation process.  Graduates of a Level 2 program may apply for an individual ICF Credential via the Level 2 credential application path, which greatly streamlines the application process.

Radiance is a Level 2 Accredited Coach Certification  Program and is structured to meet the ICF Level 2 Program requirements.  

Part of what makes us unique is that it starts with our students experiencing the program as a client and ending it with being the coach for 3 clients, while being mentored.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • We have a complete ICF Accredited Level 2 Coach Education program that easily flexes and adapts to the organization's and the student's needs.
  • The student's journey to certification results in a great deepening of their own self-awareness in addition to their confidence as a coach.
  • Students are coached at the beginning of the program, with the instructor being both coach and teacher, so the student can gain perspective of being a client and experience the Radiance Coaching Program.
  • Students begin coaching clients after 5 months of education as they take 3 clients through the Radiance Coaching Program while being mentored, which empowers them to seamlessly continue after graduation. These coaching hours can be applied towards their ICF credential.
  • Students can take additional Coach Specific Training, including how to set up a coaching business.
  • Students can participate in the Radiance Community, gaining a network of support and accessing ongoing educational opportunities that provide CCEUs for ICF credential renewals.

Radiance 130+ Hour Level 2 Coach Certification Program Structure

This class is taught at the ICF PCC-level, preparing the student to become an exceptional coach.

Length: 130+ hours total. Potential for certification within one year, depending on student completion of 3 clients and final exam.

Schedule Tailored to the Organization's need.  Generally we meet a full day once a month, followed by weekly 2 hour classes.  This schedule encourages the students to put into practice the new concepts they are learning, creating new neural pathways leading to strong competence and confidence.

Delivery Method:

  • Tailored to the Organization’s need. Can be online or face-to-face, depending on the location.

  • 115+ hours direct interaction with Coach-Instructor.

  • 15+ hours individual learning, under supervision.
  • Language depends on the Coach Instructor.  Currently we have classes in English, Spanish and Greek.

Additional opportunities include monthly web-learning classes, monthly peer coaching practices and a number of asynchronous learning classes.  All of these give you credit towards your certification.

Requirements to be a Radiance Student:

    • A deep caring for people.
    • a desire to be on  a journey of personal awareness
    • Commitment to personal growth and discovery.
    • The ability to be present.
    • The ability to understand the autonomy of both coach and client.
    • Work experience for a minimum of three years.
    • Agreement to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to fully participate in the program.
    • Agreement to be responsible for finding their own clients.

    Education Goals for our Students:

    • Understand and confidently apply the ICF coaching competencies, the Spiritual Dimensions of Coaching, and the Radiance Tools for Transformation.
    • Learn how to listen as a coach, and interact in partnership with the client.
    • Demonstrate ability to partner with clients so they develop their own unique path to success.
    • Confidently co-create coaching programs with their clients.
    • Articulate the  'Why' of their coaching practice, and what impact they want to make in the world.
    • Form lasting relationships with other Radiance Coaches, becoming part of a caring and supportive community.
    • Understand the impact they want to make in the world, as an internal, external or contract coach.
    • If an external coach, identify their niche and develop their marketing and branding.
    • Continue to grow and develop as an exceptional coach and catalyst for positive change in the world.

      Radiance 130+ hour Level 2 Pathway to Coach Certification Education Modules

        MODULE 1 - Experience and Learn the Radiant Coaching Approach

        Objective:  The student will experience the coaching program as a client, with the addition of teaching moments that help solidify their classroom learning.  This helps them gain a clear idea of what their clients will experience when they start coaching.

          MODULE 2 - Introduction to the ICF Core Competencies

          Objective:  The student will understand what professional coaching is and the foundations of excellent coaching.

          • What is a Coach? 
          • ICF Core Competencies
          • Ethics and Standards
          • Spiritual Dimensions of Coaching
          • The Neuroscience behind Coaching

          MODULE 3 - The Practice of Coaching

          Objective:  The student will understand what they will be offering the world.  The student will:

          • Start defining their practice.
          • Understand their why.
          • Know how to care for and manage their clients.
          • Understand ICF credentialing, forms and requirements.

          MODULE 4 - Radiance Tools for Transformation

          In-depth and experiential introduction to the tools and techniques in the Radiant Coach's toolbox, including:

          • Discovery
          • Radiant Purpose
          • Radiant Vision
          • Purposeful Steps and Check-In
          • Words of Wisdom
          • Body-Conscious exercises
          • And many more!

          MODULE 5 - Applying Advanced Core Competencies

          Objective:  The student solidifies their understanding of the competencies and puts their learning into practice:

          • Deep dive back into the Competencies – an advanced look.
          • More skills practices.
          • 5 coaching observations with written and verbal feedback.
          • Continue coaching clients under mentoring.
          • Final Exam (30 minute coaching observation).

          MODULE 6 - Coach-Specific Courses

          Objective:  The student selects their desired area of emphasis from a list of specialized training including:

          • The Coach as Entrepreneur
          • Group Coaching
          • Organizational and Leadership Coaching
          • Mindfulness Coaching
          • Team Coaching
          • Career Coaching
          • Relationship Coaching


          Objective:  The student enhances their learning by coaching 3 clients through the program under supervision by a trainer.  Includes:

          • Coaching 3 clients through the Radiance Coaching Program while being mentored.
          • Ethics Exam and debrief
          • Final Exam and debrief
          Independent Learning Hours

          Objective:  The student enhances their learning by coaching 3 clients through the program while broadening the scope of learning.

          • Life Thesis
          • Online education classes
          • Monthly learning webinars
          • Reading and research

            We tailor our Organizational Program to fit the needs of the Organization.

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